Breakfast buffet

Breakfast in Guggital

For our hotel guests we offer daily from 7:00 to 10:00 a rich breakfast buffet.

Do you have a guest at our hotel, you are welcome to enjoy breakfast with him together.
18.00 CHF per person (free up to 3 years, 4-14 years 1.20 CHF per year of age)

Even if you are not a guest at the hotel, you are welcome to the Guggital breakfast buffet.
23.50 CHF per person (free up to 3 years, 4-14 years 1.60 CHF per year of age)

If it is a group of 15 persons, we recommend the rich Guggital brunch.

Breakfast buffet Guggital

Coffee / tea / cocoa
Orange / multivitamin juice / milk
Various breads and croissants
Muesli / cornflakes / Chocos / Smacks
Fruit yoghurt / yoghurt nature Butter / jam / honey / Nutella
Cold cuts / ham / cheese plate
Fruit salad / fruit basket

* At the moment we have a lower occupancy in the hotel. On days with very few hotel guests, we currently do not offer a breakfast buffet. We will be happy to bring your desired selection directly to your breakfast table.

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