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Opening times This week the restaurant is still open for lunch and dinner up to and including Friday. (Exception, closed Tuesday, December 8th in the evening)

Christmas Holidays 2020:

 Happy Holidays

Guggitals Christmas Holidays - Family Time

Dear Guggital guests

Thank you very much for being loyal guests in 2020, for accompanying us and encouraging us to persevere.

During this time, we faced change intensively, moved with it and helped develop. We have experienced a lot, learned a lot, and some things have changed. We have learned that 'different' also has good things.

Now we are looking forward to taking some time for the family after this busy and worry-intensive year.

So we can start again strengthened in the New Year and are happy to give everything again so that we can find even better ways to deal with Corona together or, at best, leave this evil behind us.

The phone is still manned until Friday, December 18th.

Vouchers can be ordered by phone or email.

Emails will be answered during the entire holiday.

We wish you a relaxing holiday and the best of health

Martin and Cornelia Elsener and the Guggitalteam

Guggitals Weihnachtsferien

Winter sunset in the Guggital

Emails will be answered during the company holidays!

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