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We have Christmas holidays from Saturday, December 12th!

We are happy to be there for you again in January! We wish you happy holidays and good health!

Emails will also be answered during our company holidays.

Aperitif Catering Takeaway

Do not want to cook today? We love to cook for you! Guggital Takeaway/Delivery service

Are you missing the fine drop of wine to eat? We have a fine selection of wines for you: Guggital's Wine Delivery service

You want your guests are pampered with fine appetizers? As you are right with us: Guggital Aperitif - Enjoy at home

Of course you need chilled drinks. You can find them here:

Fondue Chinoise - Have you thought of meat, sauces, side dishes? We offer you a complete package:Fondue Chinoise - Enjoy at home

Would you rather spend time with your guests than cook? How about oneCatering?

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