Art at Guggital Zug

Laura Wilkesmann - Swiss Artist 'Vorbau' wallpaining by Laura Wilkesmann

The Swiss artist Laura Wilkesmann has designed two walls in the small dining room (Vorbau) in the Guggital.

The fresh orange lily pattern on two walls of the room provide a wonderful contrast to the sky and the lake.
Laura Wilkesmann

Urs Bischof - Goldsmith and Artist Spiel der Kugel

Guggitalgarten „Play of sphere“
The sun reflects beautifully the Guggital and the arriving guests in the gold sphere.

Urs Bischof makes sculptures and fountains in bronze, steel and wood.
More information at:

Urs Bischof Gold Art Zug

Elso Schiavo, Zuger Künstler Elso Schiavo

With the bright colors typical of Elso Schiavo, brings the 2×3 meters large screen color in the lobby in the Guggital.

Elso Schiavo

Hans Potthof († 29.3.2003) Picture Hans Potthof

The Zuger artist, Hans Potthof was a welcome regular at the Guggital. One of his finest works, signed print (original image owned by the family), decorates the lobby.
Other works by him are to be found in the house.

Wikipedia: Hans Potthof

Walter Haettensweiler († 7. Oktober 2014), Swiss type designer Logo Guggital
Walter „Hätti» Friedrich Haettenschweiler was a Swiss typographer, who was best known for his font Haettenschweiler.

He has the Guggitaltallogo (chestnut leaf - the outdoor dining area is under the chestnut trees) designed.

Wikipedia: Walter Haettenswiler

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