New: Guggital's Takeaway/Delivery service takes products from a small Zug factory into its range.
These Japanese yeast dumplings are handmade, with the best ingredients, no additives:
You will fall in love with the taste.

We have the following varieties on offer:

Nikuman Swiss Pork Nikuman Swiss Pork

Nikuman (Pork)

Classic Osaka taste Pork buns. Finished with a plump texture. Enjoy the real Japanese NIKUMAN: Swiss Pork

Curryman Chicken Curryman Chicken

Curryman (Chicken Curry)

Chicken curry man
Non-spicy Indian curry flavor is also good for a child meal: Swiss chicken

Vegiman - vegan Vegiman - vegan

Vegiman (vegetarian, vegan)

Sesame-miso flavor “Vegi-man” Contains Swiss vegetable, garbanzo beans and minced falafel: vegan

All products are made with Swiss flour and vegetables. The products do not contain eggs and chemical additives.

What is Nikuman?

A Nikuman is a Japanese steamed yeast dumpling filled with meat.

How do you eat Nikuman?

Very simple: bite into it! They are a tasty, light and balanced meal for lunch, for your picnic or for the menu!

The meat, vegetables and flour for the dumplings from Kona Kitchen come exclusively from Switzerland.

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