It does not always have to be meat

Can't be overlooked, can't be overheard: Vegan nutrition is in vogue!

And what do we think about it?
We are fully on board.

What is our motivation?
You can also cook exquisite, high-quality and colorful without meat. In addition, it is time that vegetables and fruit also get their attention. It takes a lot of effort and energy until vegetables and fruits of high quality end up on the plate.

Will the Guggital now become a vegan restaurant?
No, we pay attention to the quality and origin of the meat and stand behind the products. We have always had vegetarian dishes on the menu and are used to preparing them separately from meat dishes. Thus, there are meat dishes, vegetarian and vegan dishes in the Guggital.

Isn't it cumbersome to incorporate vegan dishes into your everyday kitchen routine?
No, rather exciting. There is so much that can be prepared from plant-based foods and we are pleased that our guests accept this with pleasure.

See you soon in the Guggital!

In addition to our vegan dishes, Guggital's menu offers vegetarian dishes

Hier geht es zu Guggitals Speisekarte:

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