Switzerland lifts all corona measures

There is no mask obligation, no distance rules and no quarantine or isolation obligation!

Es sind wieder alle Gast

Es gelten in der Gastronomie keine coronabedingten Massmahmen mehr!

Our protection concept for all of us:

We respect the demands of this time and do everything we can to ensure that you feel comfortable with us and that Corona worries do not interfere with your stay.Whether prescribed or not we adhere to some protective measures to ensure that you feel comfortable with us:

  • We maintain large table spacing
  • Invisible glass partitions continue to separate you from the neighbouring table, with close table spacing
  • Disinfection racks are at all entrances and toilets\ (You are welcome to have a disinfection dispenser (odourless) at your table if you wish)
  • Rooms are thoroughly aired after service\\.
  • We use the recommended air purifiers (Hepa filters) in the restaurant rooms, meeting rooms and the hotel lobby.

We keep our rooms virus-free for you!

Luftreiniger für virenfreie Luft Air purifiers are installed in the restaurant and meeting rooms. These continuously ensure that the air is purified.

Tests show that not only pollen, fine dust and spores are filtered out by 99.95 percent, but also viruses and bacteria.*

For meetings and banquets, 2 additional table models are available for your comfort.

We are happy to offer this service so that we can all get out of this surreal world soon and all industries can get back to full speed.
We are pleased to be able to do something for your well-being with us.

* (text shortened): The coronavirus species COVID-2019 range in size from 0.06 to 0.2 μm. It is widely believed that HEPA filters are only capable of capturing particles sized 0.3 μm or larger. However, this belief is based in part on an incorrect understanding of how HEPA filters work. The fact is that particles of around 0.3 μm are the hardest to catch; for this reason, that size is used to measure the effectiveness of HEPA filters. Much smaller nanoparticles are in fact easier to catch. But why is this so? For larger particles, the HEPA filter acts like a net as we would expect. Particles greater than 0.3 μm in size simply cannot get through: either they do not fit through the holes or they hit the filter fibers due to inertia. For smaller particles, on the other hand, it would seem logical that they can simply go through the holes. However, this is not the case. The tiny mass of particles less than 0.3 μm means they do not fly straight; instead, they are bounced off other molecules as they collide with them and thus move in completely random patterns. As a result, they hit the filter fibers and then remain stuck in them. This is the principle of Brownian movement.

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