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-==== From 23 September to 1 November, we serve in Guggital wild game specialties ==== 
 +===== We would be happy to spoil you in addition to Guggital'​s classics, with game and autumn specialties. ===== 
-{{ :​en:​restaurant:​e-speisekarte-10-15-wild.png?nolink&600 |Wild Menu}}+{{ :​en:​restaurant:​guggital_e_menu_2.png?direct&600 |Guggital ​Wild Game Specialties}} 
 +{{ :​en:​restaurant:​guggital_e_menu_1.png?​direct&​600 |Guggital Autumn Specialties}}\\ 
 +{{:​en:​restaurant:​guggital_e_menu.pdf|Guggital ​Menu}}

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