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GIN-LOVERS - September 10th to September 30th

Do you love gin?
We do too!

Our head chef Satha Satchithanantham and our gin connaisseur Marcel Nussbaumer have just the thing for you.

Introduced with a fine aperitif creation with Zug's best gin from the house Heiner's Destillate, we pamper you with an excellent four-course gin-menu!

The menu in the Guggital is available until the end of September!

Guggitals Spezial Gin Menu Guggitals Gin-Cocktails und Ginmenu

Gin and Tonka Bean

Gin Gugelhopf Corresponding to Guggitals Gin Days there is a new Gugelhopf in Guggital's Takeaway/Delivery service:

Gin and tonka bean Gugelhopf

Why tonka bean? First of all, tonka beans have a wonderful, but ambiguous taste. They smell pleasantly sweet of vanilla and bitter mantle and taste accordingly - simply irresistibly fine.
But does that go with gin? Definitely yes. Depending on which ingredients you mix tonka bean with, it intensifies the taste of other ingredients. The tonka bean in Gugelhopf enhances the taste of the gin. Juniper berries, slightly smoky, spicy and yet very mild, it intensifies the individual components of the gin.

What is the tonka bean?
Like our domestic beans, the tonka bean comes from South America, belongs to pea family, Fabacea. The tonka bean is thus the legume of the tonka bean tree. Even if the tonka bean has only conquered our kitchens in recent years, the special wood of this tree has long since embellished our terrace floors and is known as coumarú wood.

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