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 +====== ZugCard ======
 +** From 2 nights **, there is a ** ZugCard * free ** on request (while stocks last).\\ \\
 +{{:​bilder:​sonstiges:​zug_card-mockup.jpg?​nolink&​300 |ZugCard Bild ZugTourismus}} \\
 +With the new Zug Card, hotel guests in Zug get reduced rates for the most popular leisure activities in the region. Public transport is also covered.\\ \\ \\ 
 +Costs: CHF 30 plus VAT for two days
 +CHF 10 plus VAT for each additional day
 +Included basic services: - Free travel by bus and train in Canton Zug
 +• Free ride with the Zugerbergbahn
 +• Free passage with the Zugersee Schifffahrt
 +• Free passage with the Aegerisee Schifffahrt
 +• Half price Höllgrotten
 +• Half price Kunsthaus
 +• Half price castle Zug (Burg Zug)
 +• Half price Museum of Prehistory (Museum für Uhrgeschichte)
 +• Free hiking map of Canton Zug
 +• Free bike map of the canton Zug
 +• 10% discount on mopet tours
 +• 20% discount on scooter fun (Add remark "Zug Card" when booking online)
 +• 2 for 1 Tageseintritt auf Trampolin/​Parkour im Freiruum
 +• 2 for 1 Tageseintritt auf BoulderArena im Freiruum\\ \\
 +**Zug has a lot to offer:** The [[http://​​startseite/​|Zugerbergbahn]],​ which is only 300 m from the hotel, brings you to the Zugerberg. The view of the mountain panorama, the city of Zug and Lake Zug as far as Lake Lucerne are phenomenal. Or enjoy a leisurely [[http://​​startseite/​|Lake Zug cruise]]. The course ships of Lake Zug offer cruises of different sizes.
 +{{ :​en:​hotel:​recreation-zugerberg.png?​direct&​500 |Recreation area Zugerberg}}
 +Circa 150 m away from the Hotel Restaurant Guggital, you can find a forest area with well-kept hiking and joking trails.
 +300 m away from Guggital is the Zugerberg cable railway which takes you up 1000 m to the recreational area on the Zugerberg.
 +The beautiful hiking trails, grilling stations and clearly the magnificent view of the Lake Zug, the Lake of Lucerne and the Swiss Mountains make the trip up the mountain worth it!\\
 +The [[http://​​angebote-und-erlebnis/​zugerberg-trail/​|Zugerbergtrail]] is a prominent Downhill track.
 + ​~~NOCACHE~~ ​
 + ​~~gBild:​bildlauf:​zugerberg~~
 +{{http://​​v/​ygqJRaP0D6c?​.swf?​800x500|Youtube Downhill Zugerberg Guggital}}
 +[[http://​​startseite|Zugerberg cable railway]]\\ ​
 +[[http://​​startseite|Zugersee Shipping]]
 +{{ :​en:​headlines:​whats-up-in-zug.png?​direct&​300 |Whats up in Zug}}
 +Zoug has three very interesting museums, the Art House, the Museum of prehistory and the castle museum, all within 1 km away.
 +Various interesting cultural events, for example in the Chollerhalle,​ in the Burgbachkeller or the casino are organized throughout the year in Zoug.
 +[[http://​​icltempl/​choha_programm.asp|Program Chollerhalle]]\\
 +[[http://​​|Program Burgbachkeller]]\\ ​
 +[[http://​|Kunsthaus Zug - Art Museum]]\\
 +[[http://​​urgeschichte/​|Museum of prehistory]]\\ ​
 +[[http://​​|Burgmuseum Zug - Castle Museum]]\\ ​
 +[[http://​​de/​aktivitaeten|Activities Zoug]]\\ ​
 +[[http://​​de/​kultur|Culture Zoug]]

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