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cornelia.elsener [We look forward to seeing you from May 11th:]
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 {{ :​en:​headlines:​aperobankettcateringseminar.png?​nolink&​600 |Aperitif Banquet Catering Seminar}} {{ :​en:​headlines:​aperobankettcateringseminar.png?​nolink&​600 |Aperitif Banquet Catering Seminar}}
- ​~~NOCACHE~~ ​+ 
 +===== We look forward to you now twice: ===== 
 +**Our restaurant and garden restaurant is open for you again and**\\ 
 +**we are happy to offer [[en:​aktuell:​takeaway|Guggital'​s takeaway and delivery service]] even after May 11th!**\\ 
 +{{:​bilder:​muttertag:​webimg_2354.jpg?​300 |Gartenwirtschaft Guggital}}{{:​de:​aktuell:​titelbild-takeawayfilm.jpg?​300|Takeaway Guggital}} 
 +==== Thank you very much for your loyalty! Your Guggital team! ==== 
  ​~~gBild:​bildlauf:​bankett:​bankett~~  ​~~gBild:​bildlauf:​bankett:​bankett~~

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