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 +{{ :​en:​headlines:​weddings.png?​nolink&​400 |Your Wedding at Guggital Zug}}
 + ​~~NOCACHE~~ ​
 + ​~~gBild:​bildlauf:​restaurant:​hochtzeit~~
 +The wonderful view of the city, lake and mountains offer
 +ideal, atmospheric background for your wedding. \\
 +The garden and the cozy garden lounge are perfect for
 +your wedding aperitif. \\
 +** We are happy to help! ** \\
 +{{:​en:​bankette_catering:​e_menuvorschlaege_herbst-winter_2015_bis_weihnachten.c.pdf|Menu suggestions}}\\ ​
 +{{:​restaurant:​weinkarte_guggital.pdf|Wine list}}

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