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-{{ :​en:​headlines:​winter_e.png?​direct&​600 |Winter in Guggital}}+====== Covid-19 update - Christmas without fine dust pollution ======
-~~gBild:bildlauf:weihnachten~~+{{:bilder:weihnacht:​ledkerzen_h6a1435.jpg?​direct&​655 |LED-Teelichter gegen Feinstaub}}\\ \\ \\ \\ \\
 +===== This year everything is a little different - also in the Guggital =====
 +We love it when our house is atmospheric,​ splendid and decorated for Christmas during Advent. \\ \\
 +This year we deliberately refrain from burning candles in Guggital.
 +Burning it down inside produces fine dust, which is an additional stimulus for the airways. Viruses can also spread more easily in '​polluted'​ air. \\ \\
 +But since we don't want to do without the mood of candles, we have bought electric tea lights for this year that imitate candlelight and do not pollute the air. \\ \\
 +** We also use air purifiers to filter the air in the interior and hope to do everything we can to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe with us. **
 +** We wish you a nice Advent season and see you soon in the Guggital! ** \\
 +==== Folgendes schreibt Lunge-Zürich zu diesem Thema: ====
 +//​«Kerzenrauch ähnlich schädlich wie Tabakrauch
 +Eine weniger bekannte und deshalb oft unterschätzte Feinstaubquelle in Innenräumen sind Kerzen: Brennende Kerzen können insbesondere die Anzahl der kleinsten Feinstaubpartikel um das 10- bis 20-fache erhöhen. Fachleute gehen davon aus, dass Kerzenrauch ähnlich schädlich ist wie Tabakrauch. Zwar ist der Rauch, der beim Abbrennen von Kerzen entsteht, mit weniger Schadstoffen belastet als beim Tabakrauch, die Partikel des Kerzenrauches sind jedoch mit PM 0.01 (10 Nanometer im Durchmesser) deutlich kleiner als jene des Tabakrauches und aufgrund ihrer geringen Masse in sehr viel grösserer Anzahl vorhanden. Diese Nanopartikel können tief in die Lungen vordringen, Zellschranken überwinden und ins Blut gelangen. Der durch Kerzen verursachte Feinstaub bleibt sehr lange in der Luft, die Belastung kann deshalb während mehrerer Stunden relativ hoch sein.»//
 ---- ----
-{{ :en:headlines:chestnuts.png?nolink&450 |Chestnuts and Mulled Wine}}+====== Autumn, what a wonderful time of year ====== 
 +{{:bilder:wild:herbstimpressionen-i.jpg?direct&655|Guggital Herbst}} {{ :​bilder:​wild:​herbstimpressionen-ii.jpg?​direct&​655|Guggital Herbst}} 
 +{{:bilder:sonstiges:​happy_halloween_guggital.mp4?​655x655|Happy Halloween}} 
 +====== Corona update, socializing also with Covid-19 ====== 
 +{{:​bilder:​sonstiges:​coronamassnahmen-ende-oktober.jpg?​direct&​300 |Neue Coronamassnahmen}} \\ \\ \\ \\ 
 +We think about it, think a lot, have an empty hotel and after every Corona measure we have countless rejections, understandable,​ but we don't give up: \\ \\ 
 +In any case, we will continue to do everything to ensure that you do not get infected with us and that you can enjoy your time to the fullest. \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ 
 +** These are the new regulations:​ ** \\ 
 +  * Only 4 people may be seated per table - (If you are a larger group, we separate them with glass partitions or distribute them on adjacent tables with an appropriate distance. We do not separate families from the same household and families with children.) 
 +  * Only events up to 50 people are allowed to take place - (We can manage that, even with the distances we get 50 people into our halls) 
 +  * Curfew is new at 11 p.m. 
 +  * In the outer area of ​​the Guggital it is now mandatory to wear a mask. \\ \\ 
 +** Our measures for you: ** \\ 
 +  * All rooms have air purifiers with HEPA filters, which have been shown to filter contaminants and viruses from the air 
 +  * There are new disinfectant dispensers for you on every table 
 +  * There are also disinfection dispensers at our entrances and in the toilets 
 +  * We do without cruets and bread baskets on the table and largely on cloth napkins 
 +  * The menu can be read online 
 +  * Despite the mask, we keep our distance from you 
 +  * We will place you at a sufficient distance from other groups of guests and do not overcrowd the premises. 
 +  * Unobtrusive glass partition walls separate you in front of guest groups 
 +  * Of course, the kitchen crew also wears masks 
 +** We will be happy to advise you and present our security concept for your event. ** \\ \\ 
 +** The following also applies: ** 
 +  * Standing, moving guests are required to wear a mask. 
 +  * Only seated guests may be served. 
 +  * Distance rules apply as before. 
 +  * We are happy to continue to offer our takeaway / delivery service.
-====== Wintery together ​with mulled wine and roasted chestnuts======+We all now know that the virus will continue to be with us for a long time. We adapt to the respective situation as quickly as possible, because ​** sociability must not disappear **. \\ \\ 
 +All the best \\ 
 +The Guggitalteam
-(Outdoors or in the garden lounge with open fire)+----
-Mulled wine 4 dl per person \\ +====== Halloween in Corona times ====== 
-Fried chestnuts ​\\ +{{:​bilder:​sonstiges:​halloween-kinder.jpg?​direct&​655 |Halloween im Guggital}}\\ \\ \\
-Cheese tartlets ​\\ +
-Ham croissants\\ +
-Beetroot soup +
-Warm apple pie\\+
-Per person sFr37.00+** Dear children **, even if you can't knock on front doors this year because of Corona and come home beaming with a bulging candy bag, we have considered not skipping Halloween this year: \\ \\ 
 +Anyone who pre-registers with us will receive a sweetly filled Halloween bag, which can be picked up in the hotel lobby in the Guggital! \\ \\ 
 +Basic condition: You only eat the sweets after washing your hands! \\ \\ 
 +(Children from 12 years of age have to wear a mask in our house! 1 bag per childPick-up time: 31.10.2020, 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., Guggital hotel hall) \\ \\ 
 +We look forward to seeing you!\\ \\ 
 +Registration via Facebook or Instagram or by phone 041 728 74 17 or by email: \\ 
 +(We only use your data for the number of Halloween bags and then delete them again!) \\ 
 +Limited number of Halloween bags! Registration deadline by and including October 28, 2020! 
 +====== New in Guggitals Takeaway / Delivery Service Menu ======
 +{{:​aktuell:​wild_gold.png?​direct&​300 ​ |Wildspezialitäten im Hotel Restaurant Guggital}}\\ \\
 +Autumn has also found its way into [[en:​bankette_catering:​takeaway|Guggitals Takeaway/​Delivery Service]]. \\ \\
 +We complement the offer with another game dish: \\ \\
 +Autumn venison ragout with classic game side dishes and \\
 +Venison hunter'​s style with fine game side dishes!
 +**We look forward to your order!**
 ---- ----
 +====== How about a voucher from the Guggital? ======
 +{{:​bilder:​video:​weihnachtsgutscheine_guggital.mp4?​655x655|Guggital Geschenkidee}}
-{{ :​en:​headlines:​cheese-fondue.png?​nolink&​250 |Cheese Fondue at Guggital}} +Guggitals vouchers can be used in restaurants,​ hotels and takeaways / delivery services.
- ​~~NOCACHE~~  +
- ​~~gBild:​bildlauf:​kaesefondue~~+
-{{ :en:​aktuell:​ekaesefondue.png?​nolink&​600 |Swiss Cheese Fondue}}+We would be happy to prepare personal vouchers for you if you order in advance. \\ 
 +How about a voucher with no amount and your own text\\ 
 +Dinner for 2 people including drinks; Delivery service voucher so you don't always have to cook; Two glasses of champagne to toast your anniversary;​ and and and ...
-{{:​en:​aktuell:​ekaesefondue.compressed.pdf|Swiss Cheese Fondue outdoors with a magnificient view of the city and lake}}+Vouchers can be picked up directly from us, or we will be happy to send you the voucher of your choice!
 +Kind regards
 +Your Guggitalteam
 ---- ----
 +====== Autumnal drinks with fine quince ======
 +{{:​bilder:​getraenke:​quittendrink_h6a8260.jpg?​direct&​300 |Quittendrink herbstlischer Drink}} \\ \\ 
 +We have two new, autumnal aperitif recommendations for you with homemade quince syrup with or without alcohol, fruity light. \\ \\
-{{ :en:headlines:chateaubriand.png?​direct&​300 |Cahteaubriand}}+** Prosecco with homemade quince syrup ** \\ \\ \\ Sparkling and refreshing 
 +** Quince drink: ** \\ A lovely non-alcoholic combination of quince, apple juice from Zug, tonic water and mineral water 
 +====== Your Christmas event in the Guggital ====== 
 +{{ :de:aktuell:sterne.png?​nolink&​600 |Sterne Guggital}}\\ 
 +[[de:​restaurant:​weihnachtsbankette|{{:​bilder:​weihnacht:​weihnachten-guggital-titelbalett.jpg?​direct&​655 |Weihnachtsevent im Guggital}}]] 
 +\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ 
 +{{ :​de:​aktuell:​sterne.png?​nolink&​600 |Sterne Guggital}} 
 +====== Covid-19 Update ====== 
 +{{:​bilder:​sonstiges:​maskenpflicht.jpg?​direct&​300 |mask obligation for employees}} 
 +** Dear guests ** \\ \\ 
 +The Zug government is reacting to the increasing number of Covid-19 cases to protect us all. \\ \\ So we will pamper you in masks from October 10th at the latest. \\ 
 +We like to do that so that we can soon return to a nicer world and our loved ones stay healthy. \\ \\ 
 +** Guests are not required to wear a mask! ** \\ \\ 
 +We have installed ** air purifiers with HEPA filters ** in all restaurant rooms in order to filter hazards out of the air and provide additional safety. \\ \\ 
 +** Glass partition walls ** separate you in front of other groups of guests and several ** disinfection stands ** are set up. 
 +Furthermore,​ we not only follow guidelines but also recommendations and continue to refrain from using cruets on the table, bread baskets and cloth napkins. \\ \\ 
 +** We can do it and smile at you from now on with our eyes! ** \\ \\ 
 +Thank you for your trust! \\ 
 +Your Guggitalteam \\ 
 +====== Autumn desserts Takeaway/​Delivery Service ====== 
 +{{:​bilder:​dessert:​herbstdesserts-takeaway2.jpg?​direct&​300 |Feine Herbstdesserts}}\\ \\ 
 +Autumn has also found its way into Guggital'​s takeaway/​delivery service. \\ \\ 
 +How about a finely perfumed ** vermicelles **, a ** Toblerone mousse ** with pickled figs, the classic dessert ** meringues with cream ** or a ** apple crumble cake ** with a light rum/​cinnamon note with cream? \\ 
 +Guggitals homemade ice cream is also available for the home. **Quince and plum sorbet** are new to the range.\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ 
 +====== October is game time ====== 
 +<columns 100% 48% 52%> 
 +~~gBild:​bildlauf:​wild~~ <​newcolumn>​\\ \\ \\ 
 +The bright colors that autumn offers are also reflected on the plates. \\ \\ 
 +Whether you like game meat or not, the side dishes alone are worth looking forward to.
-{{ :​en:​aktuell:​e_chateaubriand.png?​direct&​600 |Guggital Chateaubriand}}+We are happy to spoil you with autumn dishes, game dishes, game side plates and Guggitals classics.
 +See you soon in the Guggital!
 ---- ----
 +====== It's dessert time! ======
 +<columns 100% 48% 52%>
 +~~gBild:​bildlauf:​herbstwinterdesserts~~ <​newcolumn>​\\ \\ \\
 +** Who doesn'​t love the cozy autumn time? ** \\ \\ The flat rays of the sun with its warm colors allow the best types of fruit to ripen and are a wonderful basis for the best dessert time of the year. \\
 +Delicately scented quinces, late but sweet plums, apples, pears, grapes and fine chestnuts, simply wonderful, ...
-[[en:aktuell:winter_im_guggital|Winter im Guggital]]+We are happy to spoil you with our autumn dessert creations! 
 +====== There is Guggital'​s popular cheese fondue again ====== 
 +<columns 100% 48% 52%> 
 +~~gBild:​bildlauf:​kaesefondue~~ <​newcolumn>​ 
 +It's that time again - it's back [[en:restaurant:kaese|Guggital's popular cheese fondue]] in the open air with a wonderful view of the city and the lake! \\ \\ 
 +Let yourself be pampered with a homemade warming aperitif, cheese fondue with Walchwil cheese, a fine winter dessert and fine digestif specialties. \\ 
 +We'll keep you warm with cozy sheepskins, blankets, hot water bottles and moon boots. Depending on the weather and the number of people, we serve our cheese fondue on the terrace in the garden or in the wind-protected pavilion. \\ \\ 
 +Our offer is available with advance booking, from 2 people. \\ \\ 
 +We look forward to you, your Guggitalteam!</​columns>​ 
 +====== We keep our rooms virus-free for you! ====== 
 +{{:​bilder:​sonstiges:​luftreiniger_h6a8196.jpg?​direct&​300 |Luftreiniger für virenfreie Luft}}As of today we have installed air purifiers in the restaurant and meeting rooms. These continuously ensure that the air is cleaned. \\ \\ 
 +Tests say that not only pollen, fine dust and spores are filtered out to 99.95 percent, but also viruses and bacteria. * \\ \\ 
 +For meetings and banquets, there are also 2 table models available for your well-being. \\
 +We are happy to offer you this service so that we can all get out of this surreal world soon and all industries can take off again. \\ 
 +We look forward to doing something for your well-being with us. \\ \\
 +* (shortened text):
 +//The coronavirus species COVID-2019 range in size from 0.06 to 0.2 μm.
 +It is widely believed that HEPA filters are only capable of capturing particles sized 0.3 μm or larger. However, this belief is based in part on an incorrect understanding of how HEPA filters work. The fact is that particles of around 0.3 μm are the hardest to catch; for this reason, that size is used to measure the effectiveness of HEPA filters. Much smaller nanoparticles are in fact easier to catch. But why is this so?
 +For larger particles, the HEPA filter acts like a net as we would expect. Particles greater than 0.3 μm in size simply cannot get through: either they do not fit through the holes or they hit the filter fibers due to inertia. For smaller particles on the other hand, it would seem logical that they can simply go through the holes. However, this is not the case. The tiny mass of particles less than 0.3 μm means they do not fly straight; Instead, they are bounced off other molecules as they collide with them and thus move in completely random patterns. As a result, they hit the filter fibers and then remain stuck in them. This is the principle of the Brownian movement.//
 +====== Gin and Tonka Bean ======
 +{{:​bilder:​dessert:​gugelhupf_h6a7979.jpg?​direct&​300 |Gin Gugelhopf}}
 +Corresponding to Guggitals Gin Days there is a new Gugelhopf in [[en:​bankette_catering:​takeaway|Guggital'​s Takeaway/​Delivery service]]:
 +** Gin and tonka bean Gugelhopf **
 +Why tonka bean? First of all, tonka beans have a wonderful, but ambiguous taste. They smell pleasantly sweet of vanilla and bitter mantle and taste accordingly - simply irresistibly fine. \\
 +But does that go with gin? Definitely yes. Depending on which ingredients you mix tonka bean with, it intensifies the taste of other ingredients. The tonka bean in Gugelhopf enhances the taste of the gin. Juniper berries, slightly smoky, spicy and yet very mild, it intensifies the individual components of the gin.
 +What is the tonka bean? \\ Like our domestic beans, the tonka bean comes from South America, belongs to  pea family, Fabacea. The tonka bean is thus the legume of the tonka bean tree. Even if the tonka bean has only conquered our kitchens in recent years, the special wood of this tree has long since embellished our terrace floors and is known as coumarú wood.
 +====== Dear city councilor of the city of Zug! ======
 +{{:​bilder:​aktuell:​stadtzugprozug.png?​direct&​300 |Gutschein ProZug von Stadt Zug}}\\
 +** Thank you very much, what a successful campaign! ** \\
 +The CHF 100 voucher may seem small to some, but imagine any family struck by the corona virus - it's like Christmas. No matter where the vouchers are used in Zug, it can do a lot. \\
 +**Well done!**
 +\\ \\
 +===== NEW: Enjoy an aperitif at home in restaurant quality =====
 +**Easy and uncomplicated:​**\\ [[de:​bankette_catering:​aperolieferservice|Select]] - Order - Pick up or have it delivered!\\
 +We look forward to your order!\\
 +{{ :​bilder:​video:​aperitif_takeaway_und_lieferservice.mp4?​655x655 |Aperitif and Appetizer Takeaway and Delivery service}}

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