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-{{ :​en:​headlines:​winter_e.png?direct&600 |Winter ​in Guggital}}+{{ :​en:​headlines:​welcome-to-guggital.png?nolink&600 |Welcome to Guggital in Zug}} 
 +====== On customer request, now also in Guggital's takeaway / delivery service ====== 
 +{{:​bilder:​speisen:​rauchlachs0844.jpg?​direct&​300 |Rauchlachs}} \\ \\ \\ \\
-~~gBild:bildlauf:winter~~+Dear Guggital customers, we are delighted to hear your stimulating feedback and we are happy to take: 
 +** Guggital'​s popular tarte flambee with smoked salmon ** in our [[en:bankette_catering:​takeaway|takeaway/​delivery service]]. \\ \\ 
 +We look forward to your order! \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ 
 +====== Dear city councilor of the city of Zug! ====== 
 +{{:​bilder:​aktuell:​stadtzugprozug.png?​direct&​300 |Gutschein ProZug von Stadt Zug}}\\ 
 +** Thank you very much, what a successful campaign! ** \\ 
 +The CHF 100 voucher may seem small to some, but imagine any family struck by the corona virus - it's like Christmas. No matter where the vouchers are used in Zug, it can do a lot. \\ 
 +**Well done!** 
 +\\ \\ 
 +====== The Guggital team wishes you a wonderful August 1st! ====== 
 +{{:​bilder:​video:​1_august_have_a_nice_day.mp4?​655x655|Wir wünschen einen tollen 1. August!}}
 +Dear Guggital guests \\ \\
 +We were really happy about your numerous reservations for tonight!
 +We take for tonight no further reservations to, would certainly appreciate to welcome you on another day in Guggital welcome! \\
 +Thank you very much\\
 +The Elsener family and team \\ \\
 +Source Swiss flag waving:\\
 ---- ----
 +====== Mmmmh fine, peaches ======
 +{{:​bilder:​dessert:​pfirsich_h6a6755.jpg?​direct&​300 |Pfirsich Melba}}\\ \\ \\ \\ \\
 +** Peach Melba Guggital ** \\
 +** NEW ** from Friday on Guggital'​s dessert menu: \\ \\
 +Sousvide-cooked peach with fine raspberry puree \\
 +Vanilla ice cream, cream and roasted almonds
 +====== NEW: From 2 nights, there is a ZugCard* free on request (while stocks last). ======
 +{{:​bilder:​sonstiges:​zug_card-mockup.jpg?​nolink&​300 |ZugCard Bild ZugTourismus}} \\
-{{ :​en:​headlines:​chestnuts.png?​nolink&​450 |Chestnuts and Mulled Wine}}+With the new Zug Card, hotel guests in Zug get reduced rates for the most popular leisure activities in the regionPublic transport is also covered.\\ \\ \\ 
-~~gBild:bildlauf:kastanien~~+[[en:hotel:zugcard|FURTHER INFORMATION]]\\ 
 +====== Win an aperitif worth 200 sFr. ======
-====== Wintery together with mulled wine and roasted chestnuts* ======+<columns 100% 48% 52%> ~~gBild:​bildlauf:​aperogewinnspiel~~ <​newcolumn>​\\ \\ \\ 
 + ===== Sweepstakes ​=====
-(Outdoors or in the garden lounge with open fire)+Win an aperitif ** 'Enjoy at home in restaurant quality'​ ** worth ** 200 sFr. **\\ \\ 
 +[[de:​bankette_catering:​aperogewinnspiel|Conditions of participation]]\\ \\ 
 +[[de:​bankette_catering:​aperosnacks-platten|Aperitif selection]]\\ \\ 
 +**We look forward to your participation!**</​columns>​ 
-Mulled wine 4 dl per person \\ +===== NEW: Enjoy an aperitif at home in restaurant quality ===== 
-Fried chestnuts ​\\ +**Easy and uncomplicated:​**\\ [[de:​bankette_catering:​aperolieferservice|Select]] - Order - Pick up or have it delivered!\\ 
-Cheese tartlets ​\\ +We look forward to your order!\\ 
-Ham croissants\\ +{{ :​bilder:​video:​aperitif_takeaway_und_lieferservice.mp4?​655x655 |Aperitif and Appetizer Takeaway and Delivery service}} 
-Beetroot soup +---- 
-Warm apple pie\\+====== We have two new summer aperitifs for you: ====== 
 +{{:​bilder:​getraenke:​aprikosendrinka_0019.jpg?​direct&​300 |Apricot drink}}\\ \\ \\
-Per person sFr. 37.00+ 
 +** Apricot prosecco **: A fine combination of prosecco, apricot puree and homemade lemon balm syrup \\ \\ 
 +** Alcohol-free apricot-melissa drink **: Refreshing drink with apricot puree and homemade lemon balm syrup, filled up with tonic and mineral water, light and fruity
 ---- ----
-{{ :​en:​headlines:​cheese-fondue.png?nolink&​250 |Cheese Fondue at Guggital}} +====== Have you tried======
- ​~~NOCACHE~~  +
- ​~~gBild:​bildlauf:​kaesefondue~~+
-{{ :en:aktuell:ekaesefondue.png?nolink&600 |Swiss Cheese Fondue}}+{{:bilder:dessert:beerendessert_a_0058.jpg?direct&300 |Beerenteller mit Minz-Pannacotta}} 
 +** Berry plate with refreshing mint panna cotta ** \\ 
 +A successful combination of the sweetness of the pannacotta, the acidity of the berries and the lightness of the mint. \\
-{{:en:aktuell:ekaesefondue.compressed.pdf|Swiss Cheese Fondue outdoors with a magnificient view of the city and lake}}+[[en:​restaurant:​dessert|Click here for the dessert menu:]] 
 +====== What is the cat doing in the cake? ====== 
 +{{:bilder:speisen:mandelkuchen_glutenfrei_h6a4777.jpg?​direct&​300 ​|Gato de Almendras, glutenfrei}} 
 +** Gato de Almendras - Mallorcan almond cake ** \\ 
 +First of all, of course there is no cat in the cake, not even next to it. This Mallorcan specialty originally comes from France ​and the French word '​gâteau'​ (cake) became the Spanish word '​gato'​ (cat).
 +Our delicious light, small ring cakes in Guggitals Take Away are **gluten-free** and come completely without flour and butter.
 +In two sizes in [[de:​aktuell:​takeaway|Guggital'​s Takeaway/​Delivery Service]]. \\ \\ \\
 ---- ----
-{{ :​en:​headlines:​chateaubriand.png?​direct&​300 |Cahteaubriand}}+====== Summer in Guggital'​s Takeaway ======
-{{ :en:aktuell:e_chateaubriand.png?​direct&​600 |Guggital Chateaubriand}}+<columns 100% 46% 54%> ~~gBild:​bildlauf:​sommerteller~~ <​newcolumn>​\\  
 +**NEW**\\ \\ 
 +**Guggital'​s [[de:​bankette_catering:​takeaway|Takeaway]] summer plate in three varieties:​**\\ \\ 
 +Fine combination of colorful leaf lettuce with French sauce, fried potatoes and garlic bread and fruits \\ \\ 
 +**You have the choice:​**\\ 
 +Classic with ** chicken wrapped in bacon ** with cottage cheese, with ** Irish entrecote ** and fine barbecue sauce or with ** baked perch fillet ** and sauce tartar\\ \\ 
 +**We look forward to your order!**</​columns>​ 
 +====== Even after Zug's cherry season ... ====== 
 +{{:bilder:kirschen:sathas_zuger_eiskirschtorte_h6a5136.jpg?​direct&​300 |Sathas Kirschen Kirsch Eistorte}} 
 +... the feedback on the new creation, the **Zug Cherry Kirsch ice cream cake**, from our **chef Satha Satchithanantham**,​ is so overwhelming that the ice cream cake remains on the [[en:​restaurant:​dessert|dessert menu]] even longer and is also included in the [[en:​restaurant:​menuvorschlaege|banquet menu suggestions]] ! \\ \\ 
 +** Zug cherry kirsch ice cream cake ** 
 +A magical combination of cherry parfait and kirsch parfait, with a perfectly soaked kirsch biscuit core, on a fine Japonais base - ** Really a pleasure! ** 
 +** Thank you, dear guests, for your nice feedback - we are very happy! **
 ---- ----
 +====== Our chef Satha Satchithanantham conjures up a magical starter from lobster and fruits: ======
 + ​~~NOCACHE~~ ​
 +{{ :​bilder:​speisen:​hummer.png?​direct&​650 |Hummervorspeise}}
-[[en:​aktuell:​winter_im_guggital|Winter im Guggital]]+** Lobster tail marinated with passion fruit on avocado mango salad **
 +[[en:​restaurant:​speisekarte|Click here for the menu with many new summer dishes:]]
 +====== Zuger Gin in perfection ... ======
 +{{:​bilder:​getraenke:​gin_6317h6a6290_1.jpg?​direct&​300 |6317 Gin}}\\ \\ 
 +The silver* awarded **Heiner'​s Gin 6317 ** completely convinced us and is in our range from today.
 +The aromatically playful gin is perfect on ice or as an exclusive classic mixed with tonic water!
 +// Gin 6317 \\
 +Pleasant juniper nose, with fresh citrus aromas. Juniper, spices, herbs and some fruit on the palate. //
 +//*Swiss Spirits Award 2020//
 +{{ :​bilder:​vatertag:​homepage.png?​nolink&​655 |Guggital Whiskymenu}}
 +** Guggital'​s whiskey menu was so popular that we are happy to include it in our [[en:​restaurant:​menuvorschlaege|menu suggestions]].**\\
 +From ** 10 people ** we are happy to serve you our whiskey menu!
 +===== We have a special Zug cherry menu for you ... =====
 +====== Dear children, after a long wait for the new jumping mat, the trampoline is back! - Have fun playing! ======
 +{{ :​bilder:​video:​trampolin.mp4?​655x655 |Trampolin}}
 +===== Our chef Satha Satchithanantham has created a heavenly Zug kirsch ice cream cake for you ... =====
 +{{ :​bilder:​video:​guggitals_zuger_kirsch_eistorte.mp4?​655x655 |Sathas Zuger Eistorte}}

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