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Even after Zug's cherry season ...

Sathas Kirschen Kirsch Eistorte … the feedback on the new creation, the Zug Cherry Kirsch ice cream cake, from our chef Satha Satchithanantham, is so overwhelming that the ice cream cake remains on the dessert menu even longer and is also included in the banquet menu suggestions !

Zug cherry kirsch ice cream cake

A magical combination of cherry parfait and kirsch parfait, with a perfectly soaked kirsch biscuit core, on a fine Japonais base - Really a pleasure!

Thank you, dear guests, for your nice feedback - we are very happy!

Our chef Satha Satchithanantham conjures up a magical starter from lobster and fruits:


Lobster tail marinated with passion fruit on avocado mango salad

Click here for the menu with many new summer dishes:

Zuger Gin in perfection ...

6317 Gin

The silver* awarded Heiner's Gin 6317 completely convinced us and is in our range from today.

The aromatically playful gin is perfect on ice or as an exclusive classic mixed with tonic water!

Gin 6317
Pleasant juniper nose, with fresh citrus aromas. Juniper, spices, herbs and some fruit on the palate.

*Swiss Spirits Award 2020

Zuger cherries are the best ...


NEW in Guggital's Takeaway/Deliveryservice:
Fine, airy, cherry Cherry Gugelhopf in various sizes

We look forward to your order!

Guggital Whiskymenu

Guggital's whiskey menu was so popular that we are happy to include it in our menu suggestions.
From 10 people we are happy to serve you our whiskey menu!

New in Guggital's Takeaway/Delivery Service

Entrecote Guggital

Fine Irish entrecote with barbecue sauce according to the house recipe, salad bouquet and garlic bread

Click here for Guggital's takeaway / delivery service:

We have a special Zug cherry menu for you ...

... with or without Zuger Kirsch tasting

We serve 4 times 1 cl Zug Kirsch to the menu:
Etter Weichsel-Kirsch limited, Heiner's Kirsch allerart, Röllin Kirsch awarded and Horat Hochstammkirsch )

Zuger Kirschen im Guggital

Here is the Zug cherry menu:

Dear children, after a long wait for the new jumping mat, the trampoline is back! - Have fun playing!

Our chef Satha Satchithanantham has created a heavenly Zug kirsch ice cream cake for you ...

Summer on the plate

Carpaccio vom Schweizer Weiderind

NEW in Guggital's takeaway/delivery service!
Carpaccio from Swiss pasture beef with rocket and parmesan.
We look forward to your order!

Chocolate Gugelhopf with a fine whiskey touch - a pleasure!


NEW in Guggital's takeaway/delivery service!
We look forward to your order!


NEW Fine refreshing gazpacho with bread croutons in Guggital's takeaway/delivery service!

Desire to travel? - We are happy to help you ...

Coupe Exotic

NEW Coupe Exotic

Fine exotic variation from coconut ice cream, mango sorbet,
fresh exotic fruits, coconut flakes and mango coulis

Optionally with coconut liqueur

Click here for Guggitals dessert menu:

Mmmmh, Guggital desserts ...

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