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Ostern Guggital Easter in Guggital Easter Sunday, April 12, Easter Monday, April 13

We do not skip Easter with Guggital's takeaway / delivery service!

We deliver for free from a value of CHF 25.00 to Zug city and Oberwil bei Zug.
    * Please pre-order menu until April, 10     * From 4 menus on there is a 5% discount on the menu price

We look forward to your order!

We would be happy to spoil you with a fine Easter menu (at noon and in the evening, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday)!

Ostermenu Takeaway

Additional Easter offer, please pre-order

Homemade cakes and tarts:

Biskuit Osterlamm Guggital
- Biscuit Easter Bunny (ca. 300 g) sFr. 15.50 / sFr. 14.50

- Biscuit Easter lamb (ca. 500 g) sFr. 19.00 / sFr. 18.00

- Non-baked Cheese cake with sponge cake base with fresh strawberries (whole cake round diameter 16, 18 or 20 cm, larger on request)

Ostern Guggital

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