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-====== Traditional Guggital'​s Metzgete ======+====== Traditional Guggital'​s Metzgete ​ - Thanks for your visit======
 {{:​de:​aktuell:​metzgete-guggital.png?​nolink&​120 |Metzgete im Guggital}}\\ {{:​de:​aktuell:​metzgete-guggital.png?​nolink&​120 |Metzgete im Guggital}}\\
-**Saturday, February ​23 and Sunday, February ​24, 2019**+**Saturday, February ​23rd and Sunday, February ​24th, 2019** 
 +**The next Metzgete will be on Saturday, February 29th and Sunday, March 1st, 2020!**

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