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Dear Guggital guests

Wir sind wieder da!
We can be here for you again …
… and we are happy to be!

As of 31. May evening we have our restaurant fully open again daily, at noon and in the evening !

Even if we are „allowed to play along“ again, we adhere to the prescribed protection concepts.

The rules can be implemented and we will do our best to ensure that you are safe and comfortable with us.

Restaurant interior:
* Four people per tables are allowed
(we do not separate families who live in the same household all the time)
* Events for up to 50 people are allowed if all rules are observed
* It is compulsory to wear a mask in the whole house (you can take it off at the table)
* Guests may only be served seated
* Distances: back to back 1.5 m table edge distance; Shoulder to shoulder 1.5 m distance
* Guest data is recorded without exception (name and email address or telephone number, these are stored for 10 days (the organizer takes care of this for banquets and seminars)

Garden and terrace restaurant:
The same rules apply as in the interior, except that 6 people are allowed to sit at one table.

We ask you to take these rules seriously so that we can soon get rid of the virus from our everyday lives.

Thank you very much, we look forward to seeing you in the restaurant!

Family Martin and Cornelia Elsener and the Guggitalteam

Our protection concept for all of us:

We respect the requirements of this time and do everything we can to ensure that you feel comfortable with us and that the corona worries do not disturb your stay:

* We pay attention to correct table distances

  • Inconspicuous glass partitions separate you from the next table
  • We don't overcrowd the restaurant
  • Separation of guest groups
  • Disinfection stands are at all entrances and toilets
    (on request you are welcome to have a disinfection dispenser (odorless) at your table)
  • Menages (salt / pepper) are not served, but we are happy to bring them
  • Rooms are thoroughly ventilated after the service
  • We use the recommended air purifiers (Hepafilter) in the restaurant rooms, meeting rooms and the hotel lobby

We would be happy to advise you and present our security concept for your event.

Guggital takeaway / delivery service

From June 1st our popular takeaway with freshly cooked dishes for young and old will be available again (delivery on request).

Guggital Catering

Catering and our large selection of aperitif snacks will be available again from June 1st.

We keep our rooms virus-free for you!

Luftreiniger für virenfreie Luft Air purifiers are set up in the restaurant and meeting rooms. These continuously ensure that the air is cleaned.

Tests say that not only pollen, fine dust and spores are filtered out to 99.95 percent, but also viruses and bacteria. *

For meetings and banquets, there are also 2 table models available for your well-being.

We are happy to offer you this service so that we can all get out of this surreal world soon and all industries can take off again.
We look forward to doing something for your well-being with us.

* (Text gekürzt): The coronavirus species COVID-2019 range in size from 0.06 to 0.2 μm. It is widely believed that HEPA filters are only capable of capturing particles sized 0.3 μm or larger. However, this belief is based in part on an incorrect understanding of how HEPA filters work. The fact is that particles of around 0.3 μm are the hardest to catch; for this reason, that size is used to measure the effectiveness of HEPA filters. Much smaller nanoparticles are in fact easier to catch. But why is this so? For larger particles, the HEPA filter acts like a net as we would expect. Particles greater than 0.3 μm in size simply cannot get through: either they do not fit through the holes or they hit the filter fibers due to inertia. For smaller particles, on the other hand, it would seem logical that they can simply go through the holes. However, this is not the case. The tiny mass of particles less than 0.3 μm means they do not fly straight; instead, they are bounced off other molecules as they collide with them and thus move in completely random patterns. As a result, they hit the filter fibers and then remain stuck in them. This is the principle of Brownian movement.

We are glad to be here for you!

Our measures for you:
* All rooms have air purifiers with HEPA filters that have been proven to filter contaminants and viruses from the air

  • There is a new disinfection dispenser for you on every table
  • There are also disinfectant dispensers at our entrances and in the toilets
  • We do without cruets and bread baskets on the table and largely on cloth napkins
  • The menu can be read online
  • Despite the mask, we keep our distance from you
  • We place you at a sufficient distance from other groups of guests and do not overcrowd the premises.
  • Unobtrusive glass partitions separate you in front of groups of guests
  • Of course, the kitchen crew also wears masks

We will be happy to advise you and present our security concept for your event.

Speisekarte Restaurant Guggital

Weinkarte Guggital

Desserts und Glaces Restaurant Guggital

Kinder Speisekarte Guggital

Geniessen Sie Ihrer Aufenthalt mit wunderbarem Ausblick auf Stadt und See

Ein Genuss für alle Sinne - Hotel Restaurant Guggital

Ob Businesslunch, Familienfeier, Galadiner oder Catering, die Küchencrew und das Serviceteam freuen sich auf Ihren Anlass. Die Gerichte, angelehnt an der klassischen, gehobenen Küche, werden spannend mit modernen Variationen und Küchentechniken kombiniert.
Der Geschmack dankt es!
Wir achten auf saisonale und regionale Produkte. Alle Gerichte werden mit frischen Zutaten und schonend zubereitet. Auf Convenienceprodukte wird gänzlich verzichtet. Auf Unverträglichkeiten oder spezielle Ernährungsformen nehmen wir gerne Rücksicht.

Speisekarte Restaurant Guggital

Weinkarte Guggital

Desserts und Glaces Restaurant Guggital

Kinder Speisekarte Guggital

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