It is Christmas in the Guggital

Weihnachten im Guggital Only 4 weeks to go until Christmas - Christmas trees, fairy lights, angels, Christmas baubles, fir branches and much more - It's already very Christmassy in the Guggital! We are very much looking forward to your visit to the Guggital during the Advent season.
You haven't planned anything for the Christmas season yet?
How about an atmospheric Christmas brunch, lunch or dinner in a Christmas ambience or perhaps an exclusive apero riche with a wonderful view or a chestnut apero outside or a cosy dessert afternoon with homemade delicacies?
We are happy to be there for you!

How about a voucher from the Guggital?

Guggitals vouchers can be used in restaurants, hotels and takeaways / delivery services.

We would be happy to prepare personal vouchers for you if you order in advance.
How about a voucher with no amount and your own text:
Dinner for 2 people including drinks; Delivery service voucher so you don't always have to cook; Two glasses of champagne to toast your anniversary; and and and …

Vouchers can be picked up directly from us, or we will be happy to send you the voucher of your choice!

Children are welcome to Halloween in the Guggital

Kinder herzlich willkommen

Trick or treat

Dear children, last year you could not go around the houses and we were very happy about your joyful faces when you came to us in the Guggital. This year there will be sweets for you again in the Guggital. We are looking forward to seeing you! You don't need to register this year.

Are there any special rules this year because of Corona?
Masks are compulsory from the age of 12. If you or your companion are over 16, they do not need a certificate to enter the Guggital. Disinfecting your hands is still important! But there is nothing else to remember, except that we are looking forward to seeing you!

Fine game dishes in the Guggital

October is game time

The bright colours that autumn offers are also reflected on the plates. Whether you like game or not, the side dishes alone are worth looking forward to. We will be happy to spoil you with autumn dishes, game dishes, game side dishes and Guggital's classics.



Preparations for the wild menu are in full swing in the Guggital kitchen.

Our red wine pears are a special treat. Our chef Satha Satchithanantham swears by bush pears here. Yet this old pear variety had almost disappeared from the market. The cultivation would be too unsafe and who would still want such small fruits today? The fruits, which grow in clusters ( therefore the name Büscheli pear), remain small, cannot be stored, but have excellent cooking properties and with their tart-sweet taste fit perfectly into the game season and homemade wild cranberry compote.

By the way, fine game specialities will be available in the Guggital from 1 October. We look forward to seeing you!

Tell me, how do you know who has already shown their certificate?

Partybändeli im Guggital

It's true, especially with aperitifs, it's easy to lose track of what's going on, so we got ourselves party bändeli. This way, newcomers are quickly 'unmasked' without us losing too much time.

So, if you meet someone somewhere with our ribbons, you know that they have been to a 'Guggitalparty'.

So see you soon at the next 'Guggitalparty'!

Autumn at the Guggital

Herbst im Guggital

Not in the mood for interiors yet?

If the weather is dry, that's no problem for us either. We'll keep you warm in the garden with cosy sheepskins and blankets.
On Guggital's terrace, the house wall radiates warmth with just a few rays of sunshine. Reserve your place in the fur and you can spend many more pleasant hours in Guggital's garden or terrace until winter comes.

We look forward to seeing you!
Your Guggital team

Certificate requirement

Zertifikatspflicht im Restaurant

The BAG is adapting the measures to the current situation.
These will apply from Monday, 13 September 2021.

We are also integrating the new measures into our protection concept and doing everything we can to ensure that you can continue to enjoy your stay with us 'safely'.

Here you will find all important information


-Compulsory certificate (from 16 years of age) is required indoors.
-Masks may be dispensed with in the passenger compartment after the certificate has been shown.
-There are no more distance rules.
-Consumptions may be taken standing up again. (Aperitif, Flying Dinner)


-In the exterior there is no certificate requirement.
When entering the indoor area (WC), a mask must be worn or the certificate must be shown.

Guggital Takeaway/Delivery-Service

Guggital Take away

Our popular Take away with freshly cooked dishes for young and old remains in place.
(Delivery on request).

Guggital Catering

Guggital Catering und Aperitif-Lieferservice

Catering and our large selection of aperitif snacks for your party at home or in the office. \

We keep our rooms virus-free for you!

Luftreiniger für virenfreie LuftAs of today we have installed air purifiers in the restaurant and meeting rooms. These continuously ensure that the air is cleaned.

Tests say that not only pollen, fine dust and spores are filtered out to 99.95 percent, but also viruses and bacteria. *

For meetings and banquets, there are also 2 table models available for your well-being.

We are happy to offer you this service so that we can all get out of this surreal world soon and all industries can take off again.
We look forward to doing something for your well-being with us.

* (shortened text): The coronavirus species COVID-2019 range in size from 0.06 to 0.2 μm. It is widely believed that HEPA filters are only capable of capturing particles sized 0.3 μm or larger. However, this belief is based in part on an incorrect understanding of how HEPA filters work. The fact is that particles of around 0.3 μm are the hardest to catch; for this reason, that size is used to measure the effectiveness of HEPA filters. Much smaller nanoparticles are in fact easier to catch. But why is this so? For larger particles, the HEPA filter acts like a net as we would expect. Particles greater than 0.3 μm in size simply cannot get through: either they do not fit through the holes or they hit the filter fibers due to inertia. For smaller particles on the other hand, it would seem logical that they can simply go through the holes. However, this is not the case. The tiny mass of particles less than 0.3 μm means they do not fly straight; Instead, they are bounced off other molecules as they collide with them and thus move in completely random patterns. As a result, they hit the filter fibers and then remain stuck in them. This is the principle of the Brownian movement.

NEW: Enjoy an aperitif at home in restaurant quality

Easy and uncomplicated:
Select - Order - Pick up or have it delivered!
We look forward to your order!

We are happy to be there for you!

Guggital's takeaway/delivery service remains!

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